About us

Blind is a bilingual, French and English online magazine that publishes daily photography news from around the world.

The content team is composed of photography experts based in different cities (Paris, London, London, New York, Rio, Shanghai) and enjoys total independence in its editorial line. True to its mission to support photographic creation in all its forms, the magazine is committed to pay for any artist portfolio published on its website outside any promotional context. The magazine is financially supported by Meero in its desire to support the photographers' community.

blurry sea


Editorial director

Jonas Cuénin

Editor in Chief

Coline Olsina &Jean-Baptiste Gauvin

Artistic director

Deena Chamary


Anastasia Chelini

Journalist based in London. Also write for IDEAT.

Laurence Cornet

Journalist based in Paris. Also editorial director of Dysturb.

Hugo Fortin

Journalists based in New York City

Charlotte Jean

Travelling journalist. Also writes for Beaux Arts Magazine.

Anne Laurens

Journalist and historian of photography based in Paris.

Elsa Leydier

Photographer and journalist based in Rio de Janeiro.

Céline Nebor

Photographer and journalist specialized in photography based in Paris. Also writes for Phototrend.

Sarah Roberts

Journalist based in London. Also writes for the British Journal of Photography.

Holly Roussell

Journalist and curator based in Shanghai.

Bill Shapiro

Former editor-in-chief of LIFE magazine who also writes about photography for the Los Angeles Times; based in Brooklyn.

Michaël Naulin

Journalist based in Paris. Also writes for Le Figaro.

Jordan Teicher

Journalist based in New York. Also writes for the New York Times.


Agnès Clerc

Writer, doctor in Philosophy and Ph.D. in French Literature based in Paris. Four of her novels were published by éditions du Seuil, Paris.

Diane Eberhardt

Translator and writer who lives in Colorado, USA.

Ela Kotkowska

Freelance writer, editor, and translator based in New London, NH, United States.

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