Extreme poverty in Yemen, the war in Afghanistan, forced migration in Bangladesh: the reporter Véronique de Viguerie travels to difficult locations to document conflict and crises. She has decided to publish a large portion of her work with Reporters Without Borders. We talk to a photographer who looks danger straight in the eye.

Véronique de Viguerie’s RWB photobook is available at: https:// boutique.rsf.org/products/100-photos-de-veronique-de-viguerie-pour-la-liberte-de-la-presse 

The cover of Véronique de Viguerie's RSF album. A Kurdish fighter breastfeeding a child. © Véronique de Viguerie


Ematullah, first prime minister of the children government in Yemen fighting against corruption. © Véronique de Viguerie 


By Jean-Baptiste Gauvin

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