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Jean-Michel Fauquet, Le Voyageur Immobile at the Galerie Rouge


09 - 24 Feb 2024

Galerie Rouge is pleased to present The motionless traveller [Le Voyageur Immobile], a solo exhibition by Jean-Michel Fauquet. The exhibition takes the visitor on an interior journey, similar to that undertaken by the artist, who never ceases to construct a singular world, between the imaginary and the real, in the stillness of his studio. Visitors will discover ghostly figures that look human, objects whose use and purpose are left to the interpretation of the viewer, and landscapes that are no longer clear whether they are memories or dreams.

Jean-Michel Fauquet’s work forces us, as viewers, to look within ourselves at what resonates with these cardboard objects, these invisible beings, these enigmatic landscapes. From the sketch to the sculpture, to the photograph, to the revelation of the image through the print, all the stages of creation accompany the construction of a work and a world.

The first part of the exhibition brings together emblematic works by Jean-Michel Fauquet, introducing visitors to his work primarily through the photographic image. The second part, in the lower part of the gallery, presents a cyclical and cryptic tragedy, in which the artist’s language about the human being and his wanderings takes on an enigmatic form through a combination of photographs, drawings and installations.

For more information: Le Voyageur Immobile


Image Cover: Untitled, Le Mont Né, 2013 © Jean-Michel Fauquet

The event is finished.


Galerie Rouge
La Galerie Rouge, 3 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris, France