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Jens Knigge at the Esther Woerdehoff Gallery


06 Apr 2023 - 17 May 2023

The German photographer Jens Knigge is an undisputed master of platinum-palladium. In 1998, as the use of digital photography became more widespread, he chose to devote himself to this archaic technique taught to him by the great printer Wolfgang Moersch. His photographs, taken with a camera, are printed by contact, with an artisanal approach that limits the edition of his photos to a few copies.

This alternative technique offers a wide variety of tones, from cold, metallic black to reddish brown. As varied as they are, the seven series gathered in the exhibition reveal an extreme sensitivity to light and shadow, to shapes and textures. A photography at the limits of abstraction.


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The event is finished.


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