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Seven artists on show at Galerie XII Paris


01 Feb 2024 - 13 Apr 2024

Galerie XII Paris presents “Il y a un instant où la nuit se fait voir à la lumière”, with seven artists on show: Fabien Ducrot, Charlotte Mano, Anne Pharel, Andrei Farcasanu, Didier Juteau, Alexandre Aldavert and Sabatina Leccia.

What unites them is their photographic writing, which questions the representational power of the image. Around a central theme, they redefine the notion of photography. If they have chosen photography as their mode of expression, they are not so much fascinated by the image as by its construction, its physical presence and its materiality. They interpret it, they use it, they go beyond it to present it differently. The question lies not in the image itself, but in its capacity to metamorphose and be reborn in another form.

To find out more: Il y a un instant où la nuit se fait voir à la lumière

The event is ongoing.


Galerie XII Paris
14 Rue des Jardins Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris, France

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