The young French photographer Sara Imloul is the winner of the Prix Levallois 2019. Every year since 2008 the award has recognized an original French or foreign photographer under the age of 35. Without assigning any theme or format, the award seeks to foster diversity in photographic creation. This year, it has selected dreams as a way of emphasizing artists’ capacity for constructing parallel worlds.

Le nid (The Nest), From the series Passages © Sara Imloul

An egg balances on a coiled braid next to a pair of scissors. A mane of black wavy hair is juxtaposed with a fish placed on a table. These are some of the enigmatic, incongruous scenes staged by the young award winner. Using her view camera, Sara Imloul tries, she says, to put into images “a buried dream which intertwines reveries of roots and memories.” A dream or reminiscence, her mental images appeal to collective imagination which is the source of motifs typical of nineteenth-century photography, such as antique store bargains, or yet the uncanny foregrounded in surrealist painting. The artist pours a lot of care into her hand-developed prints and unique editions. Her images are as unique as the visions that populate them.

La jambe de bois (The Wooden Leg), From the series Passages © Sara Imloul


Les grenades (The Grenades), From the series Passages © Sara Imloul


L'autel (The Altar), From the series Passages © Sara Imloul


​​​​La vague (The Wave), From the series Passages © Sara Imloul


By Coline Olsina


Winners of the 2019 Levallois Award

From October 4 to November 23, 2019

Galerie de l’Escale, 25 Rue de la Gare, Levallois-Perret

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