The Missing Owl

In her book “The Blindest Man” Emily Graham follows the footsteps of the people pursuing a treasure hunt started in 1993 by a …

Feathered Divas

Twelve international photographers, one theme. The Galerie le Château d’eau in Toulouse is hosting “Birds” until August 21. Diversity - black and white, …

Women Photographers: a Modern Vision

The Denver Art Museum presents more than 100 photographs by women artists that reflect on history and society.

Young Maroon Photographers Reappropriate Their Own History

The exhibition “Marronnage: The Art of Breaking One’s Chains,” presented at the Maison d’Amérique Latine in Paris, features a section dedicated to photography …

Hair Gel, Self-Rule and Hip-Hop

Soham Gupta photographs the disenfranchised Indian youth that is finding its place in society thanks to music and new technologies.

From Beyoncé to Burna Boy: Daniel Obasi’s Revolutionary Afrofuturism

The Nigerian photographer uses art as a tool of social activism to confront systems of power used to oppress vulnerable communities.


Arthur Grace

Communism(s): A Cold War Album

Autocracy is on the rise. An obvious statement maybe, but one rooted more and more firmly in the present albeit with a shaky-hand salute to the past. From Attila the


Don’t Look up

Alex Metenier’s “Vertigo” is a testament to his love-hate relationship with skyscrapers.