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A Long Aftermath

Signs By The Roadside is photographer Miro Kuzmanović’s response to the Balkan War that shaped his life.

“I was carrying something with me all these years, something from the past that was greater than the present.” Miro Kuzmanović was one of the tens of thousands of people who fled Bosnia during the Balkan war in the 1990s. As an adult he returned to work there and in the countries that used to be part of former Yugoslavia, finding his own history in other people’s faces, his same wounds in older and younger generations.

His book Signs By The Roadside covers 30 years of his work in the territory. The edit plays back and forth with the flow of time, through sudden flashbacks and short, fragmented pieces of text. The stream of images trespasses borders, assimilating the historical, political and personal traces of war.

Signs By The Roadside by
Miro Kuzmanović
is available at the price of 85 Euro.

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