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Above and Below the Surface

In his series “Waterlines”, Greek photographer Alexis Vasilikos sees the lines painted on the sides of boats as powerful abstractions.

Alexis Vasilikos is a fine-art photographer whose projects often present a very distinct visual style and rigorous approach. For the series “Waterlines” he photographed for two years the sides of boats, whose colourful lines indicate the demarcation between what’s above and below the water.

The bright-colored images play on abstraction and bi-dimensionality, creating a hypnotic effect that evokes Rothko’s paintings. The sides, whose background is often white, are stained, discoloured, re-painted. Those signs of strain speak about the passing of time and invariably draw the viewer’s attention below the sea line, to what we normally wouldn’t be able to see.

You can follow Alexis Vasilikos’ work on his website.

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