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Aeolian Youth

Giulia Frigieri’s exhibition “Volcano Generation” dives into the lives of the youth growing up in the volcanic archipelago of the Aeolian islands, offshore the coast of Sicily, Italy, with a focus on the island of Salina.

The project observes how the fast-paced time of teenage hood, characterised by the haste of growing up and the impatience to experience the world, combines with the slow pace of a small island, set by the seasons, and a territory enclosed by precise boundaries.

“By treasuring the importance of silence, long-lasting friendships, isolation, and a different notion of time, the Aeolian kids have learned to create an intimate dialogue within themselves and with the nature around them,” writes the photographer.

The exhibition of “Volcano Generation”, a project supported by the National Geographic Society, is on view until July 1st at Amaneï, on the island of Salina, Italy.

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