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Civil Rights: the Power of Unity

Atlas gallery presents photography of the civil rights and anti-racist movements in the The Americas & Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

“The black triangle, the Americas & Caribbean, Europe and Africa, for me is a very deep feeling, politically, culturally and socially(...)I had to capture it through my camera, through my work and present it as honestly as possible”, said Jamaican photographer Armet Francis. The exhibition borrows his image of unifying communities across geography to represent some of the key events that took place in the struggle for black civil rights.

© Ernest Cole/Magnum Photos. South Africa, 1960s. Handcuffed blacks were arrested for being in a white area illegally.

© Pogus Caesar/OOM Gallery Archive. All Rights Reserved, DACS/Artimage 2022. Car, Handsworth Riots; Birmingham, UK, 1985

© Charlie Phillips, Notting Hill Couple,The sitters Anita Santiago and Osmond (Gus) Philip, 1967

© Bob Adelman. Courthouse, Clinton, Louisiana, 1964.

© Steve Schapiro. Martin Luther King, Jr. Close-Up at Selma March, 1965.

© Syd Shelton. The Battle of Lewisham, 13th of August 1977.

The selection includes Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks marching, a calm Nelson Mandela behind bars, the fight against segregation, racially mixed couples. Bigger and smaller revolutions that, while causing the loss of countless black lives, took part in shaping the course of the 20th century and contemporary culture.

© Doris Derby. Women Sewing Cooperative, Poor Peoples Corporation Tufts, MS, 1968

© Steve Schapiro. Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, and Other Activists March on Washing- ton, 1963

© Jürgen Schadeberg. Mandela in Cell, 1999

© Syd Shelton. Darcus Howe, Lewisham 1977

© Ian Berry/ Magnum Photos. Protesters flee for their lives, Transvall, Sharpeville, South Africa. 69 people died shot by police that day, including 29 children. Most victims were shot in the back as they fled.

The exhibition “The Black Triangle” is on view at ATLAS gallery, in London, until December 3rd.

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