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No Origin, no End

Photographer Dimitra Dede fuses together the human body and natural elements in a book that evokes the primordial, fluid matter that everything we know comes from.

Pre-Socratic, Greek philosopher Anaximander theorized the concept of Ápeiron, translated as “boundless”, that which has no origin because otherwise it would have a limit. Ápeiron stretches the concept of time as we think of it, referring to a kind of unborn and immortal matter that everything generated from and goes back to.

Visualizing the shapes of the human body as she photographs the edges of a cliff, or the ripples of a water flow, Dimitra Dede takes inspiration from this ancient concept to create an artist book with the homonymous title. The images blend with poetry on the pages of light and delicate types of paper that make for a tactile experience, drawing the viewer close to the subject matter.

"ÁPEIRON" by Dimitra Dede is published by
Origini Edizioni
and available at a price of 85 Euro.

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