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Life in Public

Yancey Richardson Gallery presents two series by LA photographer Anthony Hernandez, both focused on the use of the city's public spaces and almost 40 years apart from each other.

While everyone in LA is stuck in traffic, Anthony Hernandez walks, watching people take their place in transitory public spaces. In the series “Screened Pictures X” (2018-2021) he transforms them into abstract shapes and patches of color as they roam the streets, watching them from behind a perforated screen that references the metal mesh of LA bus stops.

In the series “Syracuse”(1983), in black and white, his gaze stops at street corners and public plazas, fountains and benches, contemplating different social classes and drawing the viewer’s attention to quiet moments of loneliness or reflection in the urban landscape.

The exhibition “Screened Pictures X” will be on view at Yancey Richardson Gallery until October 22.

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