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Looking For The Feeling To Be Alive

Angus Scott’s first monograph Teetering like a September myth creates visual poetry in response to the death of a friend.

Mourning a friend’s death, Australian photographer Angus Scott turns to nature to make sense of life’s transience. What gets lost among the cities’ crossroads, corporate meetings, noises that distracts us from ourselves, is quickly re-established as soon as we turn to the skies, woods, rivers, observing death performing its role as an inextricable part of life in natural cycles.

In the book there’s no hierarchy among people, plants and animals. Whatever they frame, the photos seem to be deeply connected to an unspecified but tangible moment. Protagonists are the birds, who seem small and fragile, yet able to get where human beings can’t.

Angus Scott’s Teetering like a September myth is published by

Photo Collective

and available for preorder at the price of 65$.

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