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Love Addiction, Intimacy and Trauma

Ana Vallejo’s project Neuromantic is a visual research into her own and other people’s complex relationship to love

In 2020, isolated in her private space, Colombian photographer Ana Vallejo looked inward to confront her patterns of behaviour related to love and relationships. Her own past and family history started surfacing through diary fragments, self portraits and archival images. Her interest then opened up to others, through interviews with her friends and surveys where she asked people to anonymously describe their emotions related to romantic love, intimacy and trauma.

Vallejo is not scared to play with visuals. She freely creates scenes with the people she photographs and the images are cut into, burnt, glitched, painted and written on. Her bold visual language is raw and physical, and it throws the viewer into a parallel dimension where dream, pain, anxiety and passion are inextricably intertwined.

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