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Midnight Comes in Daylight

At the age of 80, cinematographer and photographer Phil Parmet adventures into his first photographic adventure in color. The culmination of this journey is his book “Midnight Mission”.

The images of the series are mostly shot on an iphone, recording spontaneous moments that speak about life in Los Angeles, across neighbourhoods and social classes. A woman living in a trailer, actor Donald Sutherland sitting at a Venice hotel, a view from an airplane, a father and a son, a car on fire.

The title comes from the name of a mission for the homeless in downtown LA, and it alludes to the darkness that’s often part of city life. “It is really a collection of moments from my life in Los Angeles”, says Phil Parmet. “What I photograph everyday, mostly spontaneously with my iPhone. There is classic beauty and surprises in the occurrences of everyday life in the big city.”

"Midnight Mission" is available at the price of 54,71 Euro.

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