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Noble Savages

Charles Traub’s book “Skid Row”, gathers photographs he took in Uptown Chicago in the late 1970s, and on the Bowery, in New York City, shortly thereafter. He was looking for the nobility and connection that exists in all of us, even in the worst of times.

“The Park Avenue swell, the out-of-towner, the sophomore, the beatnik, the suburbanite, all came to visit the district, the place. They came not so much as voyeurs, but more as collectors of scenes in an attempt to know, or to experience, something of a fate that, while dire, makes the city real", writes Traub in the preface of the book.

“Today ‘the noble savages of Skid Row’ seems to no longer exist”, the photographer reflects, “and rather we are experiencing a kind of homelessness throughout our nation that is not so much caused by individual fates, but more by the great disparities and our indifference to the plight of others.”

The book Skid Row is available on Charles Traub’s website at the price of 45$.

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