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On the Seafront

In his "Coastal Odyssey" series, Paul Bihr attempts to capture the subtle symphonies of French beaches, from the Opal Coast to Hendaye. Between two gusts or two waves, the photographer invites us to contemplate the seascapes.

Paul Bihr loves images and the sea. Born in Le Havre, he has always lived on the coast and only feels truly at home close to it. Although he is not a writer-poet, he is passionate about photography. Making the Basque coast his muse, the region is for him a blend of "the most beautiful and the most unique". More than words, his images convey the ineffable emotions that nature brings us.

© Paul Bihr

Paul Bihr's ultimate conviction: "Every exceptional moment is there to convey something to us, a story, a feeling of happiness or sadness, a poem." A color, a storm or absolute calm, these rare moments he captures and intensifies. Faced with the infinite ocean, the frantic race of our age, where acceleration is the watchword, comes to an end.

"Coastal Odyssey" is that magical moment when, gazing into the distance, we take the time to pause, the time for silence. It's the sudden realization of our smallness in the face of the world. It's an invitation to travel and escape, when light and shadow cut across the sky and the sun laps at the waves of the sea.

"Coastal Odyssey" can be viewed on

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