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Past and Present Traces

Large Glass gallery in London presents the exhibition Stepping Stones, connecting the photographic journeys of photographers Gerry Johansson, Guido Guidi and Mark Ruwedel.

For his series Motel Prints, Gerry Johansson travelled across the United States developing and printing his 8x10 photographs in the motel rooms where he slept in the evenings. Mark Ruwedel describes his Ice Age series as “a study of human activity in the context of the Pleistocene lakes, which once covered large portions of the arid American West.”

Steel construction under the Manhattan bridge, 1983 © Gerry Johansson

Death Valley. Along the Shore of the Departed Lake, 1995 © Mark Ruwedel

Neon sign in Brookline, Massachusetts, 1983 © Gerry Johansson

Guido Guidi captured the Sardinian landscape immortalising bollards, the backs of flaking houses, old gates, external doors, bushes and stones. Experimenting with darkroom and solarization, he meditated on photography's genres and style, creating a body of work that mixed a “reportage on the road with analytic abstraction.”

In Sardegna, 1974 © Guido Guidi

Chocolate Mountains , Along Gavilan Wash, 1996 © Mark Ruwedel

The Exhibition Stepping Stones: Three Photographic Journeys is on view at Large Glass gallery in London until November 10.

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