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Plants: A Closer Look

“Botanicals”, by Catalan photographer Griselda Duch, is a playful, minimal investigation into plants’ kaleidoscopic features.

Making creative use of natural light and isolating thin stems in front of a neutral background, the photographer helps viewers glance at well known plants with new eyes, and discover less-known ones whose shapes seem to belong to a fantastic realm.

Calathea Lancifolia


Lunaria Annua

Oyster Plant

In dialogue with Karl Blossfeldt’s unforgettable oeuvre, the images hold the essential yet highly aesthetic qualities of ancient hand-drawn illustrations, where every detail had a fundamental importance for scientific studies. Some plants’ botanical names, like “Lunaria Annua”or “Astroemeria”, connect the public’s immagination with the observation of the cosmos and planet Earth alike.

Arum Lily

Celosia Argentea



The online exhibition “Botanicals” is on view on the Albumen gallery website.

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