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Blazing Sun

When the sun makes its rays dance, Antoine Henault captures its shining perceptions. An invitation to travel, his work Insolations transports us into a hypnotizing visual universe.

Florent in bed, Georgia 2019 © Antoine Henault / 37.2

Antoine Henault is a self-taught photographer. Inspired by Sally Mann's intimate portraits and Edward Hopper's paintings, his photographic writing is full of softness and nostalgia. The winner of the Roversi endowment of the Prix Picto de la Photographie de Mode 2022 is in constant search of a connection between beings and their environment. With Insolations, he brings together the near and the far, the intimacy and the passion.

Melody and cherries, Paris 2020 © Antoine Henault / 37.2

Chloe and khaki, Torre Pellice 2020 © Antoine Henault / 37.2

There is the sensuality of the bodies under the burning sun, the sweet taste of the fruit bowls, the shadows that caress the foliages. Far from the pain of sunstroke, it is a formidable indolence that comes from the images.

Papaya and flowers, Paris 2020 © Antoine Henault / 37.2

Florent in Sainte Anne, Martinique 2021 © Antoine Henault / 37.2

Facades III, Martinique © Antoine Henault / 37.2

The sky is without clouds, wild landscapes and bright colors, we even think we capture the sounds and the perfumes. The light, formidably captured, deposits a golden film on the island shores. From Martinique to Paros, via Tinos, Antoine Henault pays tribute to the nature in which he grew up.

Facades V, Martinique 2021 © Antoine Henault / 37.2

Florent, Azores 2022 © Antoine Henault / 37.2

Antoine Henault's first monograph is published by the new editor, 37.2, at a price of 40€ :


Cover of the book "Insolations" by Antoine Henault

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