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Portraits of Pennsylvania Democrats who Made a Difference in the US Election

Portraits of Pennsylvania Democrats who Made a Difference in the US Election

As the state of Pennsylvania emerged as the place where US president-elect Joe Biden officially won the presidency, Blind gathered the voice of people who made a change possible for America. A series of raw portraits and testimonies.

While newly elected US President Joe Biden addressed his official speach on Saturday evening, reports confirmed his victory in his birth state of Pennsylvania earlier during the day, giving him the 270 electoral votes that he needed to win the White House.

Joe Biden is now ahead by more than 30,000 votes in the Keystone State, all American media confirming that the former Vice President is holding the state with 20 electoral votes that secure his way to the US presidency.

As Joe Biden achieved victory in the US election, which on Saturday observers called “a victory for democracy” and “a message of healing and unity”, Blind received a submission from a local citizen reporter in Pennsylvania. Patrick Sampson took portraits of voters in the street and asked them why they chose to vote for the democrat candidate.

Marc Graziadio, 67 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“This election meant a big change in the way we as Americans are viewed, not only throughout our country, but also around the world and that’s why I was voting for Joe Biden, to restore decency and common sense and compassion to our country.”

Joan Russo, 64 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“After four years of Donald Trump lying, spewing hate, and putting neighbor against neighbor, I thought it was important to again have a man of character who is truthful. My parents both served in World War II to fight fascism and so I feel like I am fighting fascism by volunteering and getting out the vote. I think we did a lot in Pennsylvania and I am very happy Biden won.”

Vincent Gallo, 74 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“I voted for Joe Biden because for the past four years I’ve listened to Trump and his slogan “Make America Great Again”. Over these four years, he’s done everything possible to undo everything I love about this country. I’m seventy four years old, I don’t know how many more years I’ve got left, and I’m glad I got to see the end of the Trump era.”

Robin Sampson, 59 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“I have always worked in a profession where I’ve been a union member. Biden supports workers, supports unions, he supports healthcare for workers. That’s why I supported Biden. For me this election means safety, peace and good health.”

Jackie Joha, 58 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“There’s no question about it, everything about Trump is insane. Biden is a family man. God knows Trump’s history. This election is a good change for our country.”

Summer Barrouk, 25 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“Probably the three main reasons I was so fired up about the election this year was: number one, women’s rights, number two the environment. I had huge environmental anxiety. And number three, just restoring dignity to America. Having that man as our representative around the world has been rough.”

Sean Williams, 27 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“After the 2016 election was when I really had a political awakening. I knew in 2020 it had to be anyone but Trump.”

Katie Lester, 42 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“I voted with my children in mind, and my friends who are gay and lesbian, and different color skin or different nationalities. I care about human decency and this election means everything.”

Margaret Brewster, 79 years old

© Patrick Sampson

“I’ve always leaned democratic. I support Biden because I deplore Trump. I’m 79 and he’s by far the worst president I’ve ever known in my lifetime. Nixon was bad but not half so bad as Trump is and has been for our country.”

By Patrick Sampson

Patrick Sampson is an American citizen, an independent reporter, and a music artist living in Honesdale, PA and New York, NY.

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