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Reflected Reveries

Yancey Richardson gallery presents an exhibition featuring twenty-two artists who used the mirror as part of their visual research.

From André Kertész’s surrealist distortions to Sage Sohier’s sharp investigation of the mundane, the exhibition “Through the Looking Glass” includes work shot in the period that goes from 1929 to 2021 where a mirror takes the center stage.

Mitch Epstein, Luong's Mother's Hand, Hanoi, Vietnam, 1994.

Guanyu Xu, JY-01202013-07252021, 2021.

Sage Sohier, Mum in Her Bathtub, Washington, D.C., 2002.

Olivia Reavey, Peeking, 2019.

Used to create spatial complexity, optical illusions, cinematographic scenes and deconstruction of gender roles, the mirror is protagonist of a selection that reminds how this tool is at the center of the process of creating a photograph, starting with the one that flips inside a camera when the photographer presses the shutter button.

Graciela Iturbide, Magnolia con Espejo, Juchitán, 1986.

Barbara Kasten, Construct X-B, 1981.

Laura Letinsky, Untitled, Laura & Eric (dress), from Venus Inferred, 1995.

Carolyn Drake, Adrienne and Zion, 2018.

Will Matsuda, Susuki #2, 2020.

The exhibition “Through the Looking Glass” is going to be on view at
Yancey Richardson
gallery until August 19.

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