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Sea Constellations

In his exhibition “Mare Omnis”, Francesco Zizola plays with the shared visual vocabulary to talk about fishing.

Dots and streams of white light on a black background, the shapes in Francesco Zizola’s photographs evoke constellations, Hawaiian petroglyphs, children’s stylized drawing. The image is flat. The scale is up to imagination. After a first look, what you thought was the sky turns into a sea, the constellations transform into fishing nets.

Francesco Zizola’s long term work about the tuna fishery focuses on its massification, as it moved away from a more sustainable kind of fishing that saw human beings in closer contact with nature. In this series he distances himself from classic documentary photography to push the public’s way of looking at images to a symbolic, stylized, metaphorical level.

“Mare Omnis” by Francesco Zizola will be on view at
Galleria del Cembalo
until June 30, 2022.

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