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Silent Wars

From 1984 to 2022 Marissa Roth has traveled the world to work with women who lived through war on the home front.

The women and girls in Marissa Roth’s photographs are survivors of war and its aftermath. In her images, quieter than the ones focused on frontline fighting, women sit in bedrooms, around a table, daily life environments similar to the ones where they lived through terror, violence and rape.

Siege of Berlin Rape Survivor Ilse Kleberger, Berlin, Germany, 2008

Flowers for my great-grandmother, Josefina Farkas, Satu Mare, Romania, 2019

Two Generations Separated by a Genocide, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2009

Land Mine Victims’ Band, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2009

The photographer, who includes a tribute to her great-grandmother among the images, interviewed women in all corners of the world who carry the scars of wars invariably started by men.

Jodie Davids Lost Her Son in the Iraq War, Dublin, Ohio, 2005

Srebrenica Massacre Victims’ Bones, Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2009

Sebanate Berisha and a boy, Kosovar-Albanian Refugees, Tirana, Albania, 1999

Abandoned “Ethnically Cleansed” Homes, Srebrenica Municipality, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2009

Holocaust Survivor Eva Brown with Auschwitz Tattoo, Los Angeles, 2008

"One Person Crying: Women And War" is on view at
Hunter College
until June 24.

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