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The Postcard is Dead

A biannual Swiss festival, Alt.+1000 focuses on creative ways to rethink landscape photography, creating another layer of meaning by immersing them in nature.

1000 meters high, far from major urban centers, the installations take life on the shores of Lake Taillères. The inspiration for the work comes from science and folk tales, taking shape in ways ranging from large format film to AI. Seunggu Kim’s photographs of Korean urban gardens question dichotomies such as ‘natural and artificial’, ‘spirit and matter’, Ingrid Weyland points to the fragility of the natural landscape by playing with the materiality of the printed image.

© Liv Burkhard

© Chloe Dewe Mathews

© Gaia Squarci

© Lara Chahine

Liv Burkhard works on the nostalgia and distance arising from childhood memories, Lara Chanine turns her lens towards mountains dominated by drought, Gaia Squarci’s idyllic volcanic landscapes conceal a terrifying power, and Marina Gadonneix’ brings the most unhinged astrophysical phenomena into labs where anything can happen.

© Seunggu Kim

© Anna Ridler

© Anonymous. Musée Alpin

© Bieke and Dries Depoorter

© Marina Gadonneix

The festival Alt.+1000 will be on view on the shores of Lake Taillères, Switzerland, until September 18.

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