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The Psyche Of Migration

In his book Cargó, Igor Posner looks at his own and other people’s fragments of life once their homeland is left behind.

Ten years ago, Russian photographer Igor Posner started editing a book that connected his own life experience to the ones of others who left their countries, in search of a new place to call home. “Migration is a leap into the void” he writes. “An experience that isn’t particularly misunderstood, but rather unrecognised, like languages we’ve vaguely heard at some point in our lives”.

The flow of the book was inspired by the Jungian separation between the “memorial”, what we can remember, and the “immemorial”, which extends beyond our memory’s reach but is part of us. It is this metaphorical luggage that the title of the book refers to, the one that we all carry from our past even when we’re not dressed for travel.

Igor Posner’s Cargó is published by
Redhook Editions
and available for the price of 60 Euro.

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