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The Sounds Our Ancestors Heard

Jakob de Boer photographs in Canada’s Pacific Northwest, a land imbued with mythology.

“I have always wanted to stand in places where myths were birthed. Being there, one is reminded that beginnings are defined by time”, writes Jakob de Boer about his process. Traveling for two years in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest with a large format camera, he tried to listen to nature and trace the mythology that the land is inextricably linked to.

A work of meditation and enchantment, in his book Where Ravens Cry one gets lost in forests, lakes, coastlines, following the wrinkles of a stone. The long exposure of some of the photographs seems to expand time, taking the viewer to the ancestral roots of the place.

Jakob de Boer’s Where Ravens Cry is published by
Nazraeli Press
and available for the price of 75$.

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