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The Way I Look

Julie Joubert’s first book MIDO paints the mysterious portrait of a young man who wants to hide as much as he needs to be seen.

“I met Ahmed in 2017 at a social reintegration centre for young people in difficulty. Thanks to social media, we met up again two years later. Abbreviation, nickname, pseudonym: MIDO”, writes the photographer, who dove into a friendship with him based on the camera’s presence, mixing in the book her photos, ID images and his mobile snapshots.

MIDO’s gaze is absent and confrontational at once, but there’s an evident fragility to him. He survived through a painful life by dreaming to become a model, and this plays a part in the way he holds himself in front of the lens. The photographs don’t try to hide the delicate dance between the person he is and the character he wants others to see.

MIDO by Julie Joubert is published by
KAHL Editions

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