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Tina Barney’s Forgotten Images

"The Beginning" is the title of an exhibition dedicated to the first works of the American photographer Tina Barney, which runs until April 22, 2023 in Yasmin Gallery, New York.

In color and black and white, "The Beginning" is a nostalgic exploration of Barney's early work. Over the course of her 40-year career, the photographer has illuminated the inner lives of her subjects, observing the generational reiteration of family traditions and rituals in the domestic setting.

Hot Tub in Snow, 1979 ©Tina Barney. Courtesy Kasmin,

Judith Smoking, 1977 ©Tina Barney. Courtesy Kasmin, New York.

The Art Gallery, 1980 © Tina Barney. Courtesy Kasmin, New York.

With her Pentax 35mm camera, she photographs spontaneously. Whether it is large-scale, colorful portraits or dream-like landscapes, Barney attaches great importance to the use of color. In this regard, artist James Welling maintains that she "creates an inner atmosphere", sometimes strange, but above all full of sensitivity.

The Lifeguard, 1979 ©Tina Barney. Courtesy Kasmin, New York.

The Suits ©Tina Barney. Courtesy Kasmin, New York.

Waterslide in Fog, 1979 ©Tina Barney. Courtesy Kasmin, New York.

The Beginning is on view at

Kasmin Gallery, New York.

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