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Under the Rain

In the last four years Christophe Jacrot traveled through “bad weather” around the world, exposing his lens to the elements.

Now a book called “Eaux Fortes” (Strong Waters), the work was mostly shot during a period of forced isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This phase of uncertainty summed up with the anxiety related to the way climate is changing, making weather events more powerful, rare and unpredictable.

Sheep in the night, Faroe Islands

The fall, Faroe Islands

My pink home, Iceland

“Summer just isn’t the same anymore; it’s too hot now, and too dry. Over the last twelve years I have been charting the visual universe of the weather, in particular, what we call ‘bad weather’. I experienced the successive periods of lockdown as a real hardship at first and later as a strange interlude in my journey as a photographer. Alone on the routes I took, I had the feeling of breaking the rules; and I found myself stimulated by this transgression.”

Keller house, winter, French Alps

Swing, France

Keller house, autumn, French Alps

Broken houses, Faroe Islands

The book “Eaux Fortes” is available at the price of 75$.

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