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Wild and Sleepless

A book and an exhibition, “While You Were Sleeping” by Ewen Spencer revives the raw spirit of 90s London nightclubs.

Ewen Spencer’s UK nightlife scenes of the 90s are filled with characters deeply focused on getting lost. His unapologetic photograpghs hint at sex, drugs and music that felt like drugs and sex combined. “Here in the UK we know how to throw a party, we work hard and play hard, it's grace under pressure, street style into high fashion”, he writes.

While his young son, and probably you and I, were sleeping, he’d travel through 3-4 parties a night to photograph for magazines like Sleazenation and The Face, “capturing a period in time that was filled with love, lust and messy authenticity, carefree and devoid of today's global, big tech cynicism".

“While You Were Sleeping” by Ewen Spencer is on view at
Laz Emporium
until June 22. The
is available at the price of £40.00.

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