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Off the Iced Surface of a Flooded Field

Vanessa Winship’s latest monograph “Snow” feels like an introvert’s strive to connect to the winter landscape and the people who inhabit it.

Icicles hanging from rocks, abandoned barns, animals and people moving through frozen heathlands. In “snow” Vanessa Winship takes a step back from her intimate portraits, establishing a distance between her and the focus of her photographs. Desolate but not hopeless, her images communicate a sense of estrangement that the photographer doesn’t try to fight, but rather savors.

Rejecting the coherent narrative that a “story” could provide, she chose Jem Poster’s words to enhance the message of a sequence of images that moves close to poetry: “…the sun dipping towards the horizon, breaks suddenly through a rift in the cloud, touching twigs and branches with fire, glancing off the windows of a derelict factory, off the iced surface of a flooded field…” .

Vanessa Winship’s “Snow” is published by
Deadbeat Club
and available at a price of 53 Euro.

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