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Waiting Room

Felipe Romero Beltrán’s book “Dialect”, published by Loose Joints, combines documentary, performance and choreography to visualize the dead time of young migrants stuck in the Spanish legal system.

When Youssef left Morocco, all he could think about was crossing the sea, silencing the fear, staying alive. Like many other underaged kids, whose custody remains in the hands of the state, he had never thought about the years of bureaucracy, state violence and boredom that would follow.

Felipe Romero Beltrán spent time with Youssef and other eight migrants during the three years of limbo before they gain legal status. The photographs focus on the expressions and body language of boys who are turning into men, forming strong new bonds far from home, under the harsh lights and segregated atmosphere of their waiting room to Spain.

The book “Dialect” is published by Loose Joints and available at the price of 58$.

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