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For the past five years, Blind has been your trusted source for the latest in photographic journalism, delivering exclusive series and stories from talented photographers and writers. Our focus has been on capturing the evolving narrative of our world.

Today, Blind publishes between 30 and 40 articles monthly in both English and French. With 1.5 million readers annually and over 100,000 newsletter subscribers, we are one of the foremost publications in visual culture globally.

However, maintaining our standard of high-quality, ethical journalism requires support. Blind is committed to independence and excellence, and we need your help to continue.

We’ve introduced a subscription model to sustain and expand our work. We offer two affordable plans: $9 per month or $90 annually.

I would also like to highlight the incredible work of our photographers. Through their lenses, they capture the social, cultural, and political dynamics of our times, bringing their individual perspectives and creative insights. At Blind, our commitment to photography translates into a passionate and intellectual engagement rooted in our heartfelt belief in the power of visual storytelling.

But Blind is more than a photography magazine; it is a visionary platform. We aim to present the world with optimism and wonder, embracing a way of looking that is both guileless and forward-thinking. We celebrate humanity, nature, our planet, history, imagination, innovation, and the breakthrough force of images.

Our role extends beyond entertainment; we aim to engage, enlighten, and provoke thought, all the while sharing the passion that unites us.

Like the world’s leading publications, Blind relies on the support of its readers. By becoming a subscriber, you become an active participant in defining our contemporary visual landscape.

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Jonas Cuénin
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Cover photograph by Jill Freedman

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