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Ghosts, We Don’t Really Believe In Them

The kids of Agokpala, Togo, create stunning photos of their daily life during a photography workshop.

Agokpala is a small village 90km away from Lomé, Togo. The income is based on agriculture, the lifestyle is traditional and electricity is a rarity. In this context Jean-Christian Bourcart, Laurence Cornet and Clarisse Gorokhoff, professionals working in photography and writing, teamed up the local NGO JSVD to offer kids around the age of 12 a workshop where they could express themselves playing with photography, collage and performance.

There were difficulties, linked to the shyness of the children in front of foreigners and obstacles with the French language, but once the ice was broken the photographic results of the workshop offered a playful, vibrant and rare insight into their daily lives. “There’s nothing we don’t like. We love everything except death, accidents, poop, wounds. We love everyone except for the voodoo, the wizards, the devil, the ghosts. But ghosts, we don’t really believe in them.”

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