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A Matter of Generations

Jipfest festival this year takes over a former shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, with exhibitions focused on the theme “Generation”.

Selecting projects out of 231 submissions and coming from 37 countries, Indonesian and international curators divided the topic in sub themes often intertwined: Belonging, Future, Disruption, and (Dis)unity. The artists often explored personal stories and their own surroundings in Indonesia and abroad, raising issues related to the environment, human rights, recent history and the near future.

© Peter Pflügler

© Hajime Kimura

© Yara Jimmink

© Gaia Squarci

© Gerald Van Der Kaap & Aukje Dekker

© Glorianna Ximendaz

Jakarta is filled with malls and lacks spaces for the arts, so the choice to use a mall in Block M, a district full of youth and nightlife, to create a series of suprising and moving installations, means asking for more and encouraging others to do so. In the space, the memories and secrets of family stories blend with the ones linked to collective trauma, youth culture is re-examined generations apart, and cultural displacement poses the issue of belonging.

© Adrian Mulya

© Luiz Bicalho

© Ryan Andrew

© Dhanny ‘danot’ Sanjaya

© Shindy Lestari

© Zahara Gómez

The exhibitions of Jipfest will be on view in Jakarta, Indonesia, until September 24.

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