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Above the Ice

Atlas Gallery in London presents Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski’s “Event Horizon”, winner of the Sony World Photography Landscape Award. A selection will also be presented at Photo London (May 11-14).

Flying at a height of 50 to 150 metres over frozen bodies of water in Poland, on a gyrocopter, the photographer covered around 10,000 kilometres, spending about 200 hours in the air. His photographs confuse the parameters of scale and perspective, blending the physical feeling of temperature and tactility with abstraction.

"At the start of winter I set out on a journey in search of harmony. Driven by instinct, I ventured further and further until I passed the boundaries of rationality. Whether it was fog or snow, frost or thaw, I took to the sky to see if it was possible to fly. When I could, I flew over frozen bodies of water, fascinated by their icy forms.”

A selection of the series will be on view at Berlin Science Academy until May 13 and in the Atlas Gallery booth at Photo London until May 14

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