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Afghan Timestream

Ben Brody’s accordion book “300m” is a personal journey through the war in Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul in Taliban hands.

A toy camera pulls the viewer in middle of a poppy field in Kandahar, Afghanistan, during the opium harvest in 2011. 360 degree panoramic photographs include Afghan and American soldiers, Talibans, and sometimes the photographer himself, breaking the barrier between who is in front and behind the camera. The 16-feet-long accordion storyline unfolds through scattered moments of life under military presence, up to the fall of Kabul in 2021.

The book begins with a Whatsapp thread between Ben Brody and his long-time Afghan interpreter, as the photographer attempts to help him and his family get through the crowds at the Kabul airport to escape the country. Blur, light leaks and the panoramic format make it harder to understand where each image starts and ends, creating a flow that refuses clear-cut narratives and rather seems to blend into the memory.

“300m” is published by Mass Books and available at the price of 45$.

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