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An Open Love Declaration

In his new book and exhibition Je T’aime - Je T’aime Léo Berne travels through his memory, from dawn to dusk and back.

Leo Berne’s Je T’aime - Je T’aime, “I Love You, I Love You”, carries the viewer through the travels, friendships, random meetings and intimate relationships the photographer and director experienced during the last 10 years of his life. The book, a collection of fleeting moments, can be flipped through from cover to cover in both directions, as the editing condenses his journey through time into a single day.

The photographer talks about feeling like a tourist as he captures or recreates scenes inspired by moments of his own life. The title is inspired by Alain Resnais’ eponymous film where a man’s time travel journey goes wrong, and he gets trapped into his own memories.

Léo Berne’s Je T’aime - Je T’aime is on view at
galerie Écho 119
until March 3rd. The book, published by Écho 119, is available for 69€. To order the book visit the
site of the publisher

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