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At the Edge of the New and the Forgotten

The book “Angels Point” recounts photographer Adam Ianniello’s wanderings at a cliff’s edge in Elysian Park, the oldest in Los Angeles.

Taken with a large format camera, the images focus on quiet, meditative moments and forgotten details, in a place that went through many lives. Angels Point used to be a Jewish cemetery, a rock quarry, and the Chavez Ravine, a rural Mexican-American neighborhood that was demolished and buried under Dodger Stadium.

“Footprints snake out into the dry brush. All paths frequented, all paths alone. Old sycamores keep watch from above, etched with names of past lovers and lost phone numbers. Below is a vast sea of highways and houses. (…) Angels Point stands at the edge of the new and the forgotten. A place to hide, to explore, with no commitments, no judgments.”

The book “Angels Point” is published by  GOST and available at the price of £45.00 (51 Euro).

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