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At the Heart of It

The International Month of Photojournalism in Padova, Italy, brings together photographers from all over the world to trigger cultural debate and roundtable discussions on contemporary issues and ethical journalism.

Riccardo Bononi, the Artistic Director of the festival, sees photojournalism as a way to make each person aware of their role in even the most controversial and geographically distant issues.

© Raffaele Petralla

© Smita Sharma

© Gaia Squarci

© Alessandro Gandolfi

© Catalina Martin Chico

Starting this weekend in Padova, photographer Smita Sharma tackles the trafficking of girls from Pakistan to India, Raffaele Petralla addresses Laos' secret war, and FotoEvidence curates a collective exhibition about the first year of war in Ukraine.

© Matteo de Mayda

© Diambra Mariani

© Sarah Blesener

© Giulio di Sturco

© Gabriele Cecconi

Among the exhibitions are also projects awarded at the World Press Photo, such as Giulio di Sturco's Airport Cities, the baby boom among the FARC guerrilla fighters by Catalina Martin Chico, nationalism among young people in Russia and the United States by Sarah Blesener, and the behind-the-scenes of Senegalese Fashion Week in the shots of Finbarr O'Reilly.

© Finbarr O'Reilly

© Oksana Parafeniuk

© Schirra Giraldi

© Romano Cagnoni

The exhibitions of IMP, the International Month of Photojournalism, will be on view at different locations in Padova, Italy, until June 25.

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