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At the Ocean’s Edge

Photographer Shao-Feng Hsu’s book “Coastal Access II” explores the Californian shore at the edge of the Pacific ocean, which lies between his new home and his homeland, Taiwan.

To overcome asthma, Shao-Feng Hsu trained as a competitive swimmer. Since then, he went on to use photography as a means to study the impact of human life and activity on waters around the world. His Californian images show people and sea creatures inhabiting the shoreline, an increasingly fragile ecosystem at the edge of a magical realm.

“I find shells left by hermit crabs and watch the seagulls take off again and again as kids approach. (...) ‘Are these whale bones?’ ‘Yes, this is part of the chest. We’re standing by its heart.’ The tide cycle continues, the kelps start to grow back again.”

The book “Coastal Access II” is published by Cademy and available at the price of 20$.

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