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Beyond the Conflict

A photographer from Kobane, Syria, Serbest Salih arrived in southeastern Turkey running from the war. In a few years he started a darkroom and photo lab for displaced children, helping them “create beauty and joy out of the darkness of their past and present.”

At DARKROOM, children with little or no access to cultural opportunities learn how to take photos, develop analog images, and print them. With the goal of bringing this opportunity to more children and encouraging new ways of thinking through photography, Serbest Salih launched a fundraiser to update the lab with equipment, chemicals, and cameras.

“We initially started this project as a therapeutic process for children traumatized by war and violence, but when we began observing the incredible works of art created by our children, we realized that we are training outstanding artists of the future, which brought a different energy into our classes and to us”.

You can support the Sirkhane DARKROOM campaign until April 30.

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