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Cinematic Stillness

Gallerie d’Italia museum in Turin presents an exhibition that encompasses photographer Gregory Crewdson’s last ten years of work, including “Eveningside”, a new series commissioned by Banca Intesa, Italian bank.

Photographer Gregory Crewdson is known for his ability to infuse a post-apocalyptic and mysterious atmosphere into everyday life scenes. In his new black and white series “Eveningside”, the eerie stillness of suburban scenes evokes Noir film references, and the points of view multiply through mirrors and window frames.

Morningside Home for Women, 2021-2022

The Family Doctor, 2021-2022

Redemption Center, 2018-2019

Starkfield Lane, 2018-2019

The new production (2020-2021) is the third part of a trilogy that includes his well known previous series, “An Eclipse of Moths” (2018-2019) and “Cathedral of the Pines” (2012-2014), each of whom represents an essential stage in Crewdson's creative evolution over the past decade. The exhibition also includes “Fireflies”, created in 1996, which offers moments of pause and transition between the other series, employing a completely different kind of visual poetry.

Woman at Sink, 2014

The Haircut, 2014

Untitled, 1996

Untitled, 1996

The exhibition “Eveningside” is on view at Gallerie d’Italia museum in Turin, Italy, until January 22.

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