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Cowboys Were Born in Mexico

Carlos Jaramillo’s Los Angeles charrerias reveal a nostalgic Mexican connection to the home country.

Charrerias are prized rodeos in the Mexican tradition. Men and women ride horses dressed in traditional clothing, in stylized performances that cover a wide set of skills. Typical of the Mexican North West, the rodeos have been on the rise in LA since the early 2000s, offering an occasion for Mexican expats to relive part of their own cultural heritage.

An American born to Mexican and Colombian parents, Carlos Jaramillo visited Mexico for the first time at 24. While his family pushed him to assimilate to American culture, in this body of work he sets out to explore his own connection to the Mexican identity in foreign land.

“Tierra del Sol” by Carlos Jaramillo is on view at
Selenas Mountain
until July 1st.

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