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Editorial: The Power of Photography

Editorial: The Power of Photography

As we cope with worrisome situations, Blind wishes to continue providing up-to-date information and be your window onto the world.

2020 was the annus horribilis on all counts: healthcare, social unity, loss of employment, endangering of culture. Indeed, culture: if there is one thing that unites us in adversity, the one thing that brings us together, it is sharing experiences, values, pleasures, ideas, and artistic expression that make us feel alive. Today’s culture is the fruit of several decades of acceptance of the other, and it is all the more precious that it affirms and values all differences. Yet the time we live in fosters cowardly prejudice and forgetfulness of ideals that drive us forward. We are put to the test. What happened yesterday at the Capitol of the United States is just one example.

Photography, as it exists today, is a universal language. How many people use it to express themselves? Millions. At Blind, we love these millions of photographers and we fight against darkness and obscurantism. Put to the test, we respond with the power of images. Over the last few months, you may have noticed the main value we defend on our pages: diversity.

When our journalist Sara Rosen writes about gay culture, festivities, and marginalized populations, it is to remind us of a joyful, tolerant, multicultural society. When our other editors — Bill Shapiro, Laurence Cornet, Christina Cacouris, Sarah Moroz, Sophie Bernard, Joy Habib, Jean-Denis Walter, Michaël Naulin, Charlotte Jean, Céline Nébor, and Gemma Padley — take up about a wide range of topics, from the history of the medium to documentary photography, from sports to fine art photography, from technical advice to feminist struggle, it is to allow us to raise our heads proudly and continue to want to live. Photography is a wonderful story of memories, and it feels good to summon them right now! For what great memories we have in store: images of joy, struggle, current events, ideas, human kindness, difference, sadness, wonder, and discovery…

For more than a month, Blind also has brought you our new Lab section, with dozens of exclusive videos, films, masterclasses, and in-the-field tutorials made in partnership with the NOOR Foundation. It’s a unique educational space, and above all, it’s completely free, with photographers’ trade secrets, their workshop, philosophies, and their advice. Blind is also a space for photographers to publish original images, which are duly compensated, including online-only publication, accompanied by a story in French and English written by one of our journalists.

Seven original articles per week, original educational content, bridging continents, generations, and photographic genres. At Blind, we are passionate about photographic culture, and we spare no energy to defend it.

We wish you a wonderful year 2021.

Jonas Cuénin
Editorial director

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