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In Entropy, published by Monacelli, Diane Tuft explores the beauty, poetry and fragility of nature in the context of global warming.

Since 1998, multimedia artist Diane Tuft has been travelling the Earth to document the changes caused by global warming and human action. With Entropy, her fourth monograph, the artist focuses on water and its radical transformation under the relentless pressures of climate change. Accompanied by haiku, this book offers a glimpse of the beauty we may be losing.

Intervention © Diane Tuft

States of Transformation © Diane Tuft

“Through my lens, I am driven to confront the consequences of our actions and to embrace the urgent need for change,” Tuft writes, “Earth’s fragile balance depends on water.” She combines science and aesthetics in this book, which she sees as a call to action. From the Florida Keys to Bangladesh, via Chesapeake Bay and the Marshall Islands, or Utah's Great Salt Lake, whose water is rapidly being depleted and desertified, Diane Tuft shows the reality of climate change.

Salt Field, Kutubdia Island, Bangladesh © Diane Tuft

Scattered Epitaphs © Diane Tuft

Silent Sea © Diane Tuft

Chopin's Prelude © Diane Tuft

Published by Monacelli, the book is now available for pre-order.
Publication is scheduled for 25 April 2024.

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