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Presented at Catherine Couturier Gallery, “Speedway 72” revives American small town stock car races from the 70s.

A couple of years ago, photographer Henry Horenstein looked through old boxes of prints, rediscovering a series that he didn’t think much of when he shot it as a college student, but takes on a different allure about 50 years later. His brother-in-law Paul used to race old, beat-up stock cars, modified by his friends.

Inspired by Brassai and Weegee’s chronicles of urban life, “ In Speedway, I wanted to do what they did”, writes the photographer “to show a slice of what the world looked like then - here, small-town New England 1972, dutifully recorded and preserved.”

The exhibition “Speedway 72” is on view at Catherine Couturier gallery in Houston, Texas, until October 15.

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