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C/O Berlin presents an exhibition that reconstructs the history and evolution of queerness in photography.

The exhibition’s scope ranges from historical images of cross-dressing, to photography and self-portraits as a way to find one’s identity, to contemporary forms of gender fluidity. In stark contrast with the taxonomic use of photography to categorize groups of people, the selection proposes the medium as a tool to dismantle social constructs.

© Anonymous, Guilda, USA, ca 1950 / Collection Sebastien Lifshitz

© Orlando Walter Pfeiffer, Untitled 1974–2019

© Anonymous, Untitled, USA, ca 1880 / Collection Sebastien Lifshitz

© Casa Susanna / Cindy Sherman Collection

Posed or candid, shot by well known or anonymous photographers and covering a wide range of moods, expressions, social contexts, the images act as witnesses and instruments of liberation, reminding the public of the power of self-expression.

© Collier Schorr, Orlando, Untitled, Casil, 2015-18

© Casa Susanna / Cindy Sherman Collection

© Anonymous, Jim, USA, ca 1950 / Collection Sébastien Lifshitz

The exhibition “Queerness in Photography” is on view at C/O Berlin until January 18, 2022.

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